Emergency contribution to support worsening food insecurity crisis in Lebanon

28 April 2021
As the world continues to be engulfed by the woes of the Covid-19, added burden of political instability, devaluation of local currency and the August 4, 2020 explosion of Beirut Port has worsened the socio-economic condition in Lebanon and raised concerns over food security.

These waves of crises have been worse felt by the most vulnerable population, pushed to live below the poverty line and whose access to food has now plummeted. Since October 2019, food prices have risen by an average of 220% (Ministry of Economy and Trade of Lebanon, 2021). Lebanon is a food import dependent country. It imports 85% of its food (World Bank, 2020), with agriculture considered as a secondary source of income for a small percentage of population. Since the pandemic, there has been an increased interest among youth and smallholder farmers to engage in this sector for food security.

LDF is partnering with the Order of Malta Lebanon to reachout 300 families of smallholder farmers from South Lebanon, Bekaa and North Lebanon (Khaldieh and Kobayat) for an agro-humanitarian response, to ensure food availability. Over a period of summer and winter seasons, between May to August 2021 and between October to December 2021 respectively, a kit of seedlings and organic matter will be provided, which includes a total of 6500 seedlings to each farmer. These small farmers will be selected based on a vulneabilty asessment conducted at the household level.

During summer, tomato, pepper, and cucumber seeds will be given and during winter, cabbages, cauliflower and brocolli seeds will be distributed. Tools for agricultural activities, alongside the knowledge on good practices will also be provided by trained engineers. Furthermore, 5% of food will be donated to the patients treated in the health centers of the Order of Malta Lebanon, that will also benefit Syrian refugees. This partnership will aid access to affordable and nutritional food production to further ensure both health and food security among the most vulnerable population in Lebanon.

LDF Fund for Food Emergency Aid serves to provide humanitarian assistance in the most vulnerable areas in Asia and Africa, to population affected by health, economic and climatic disasters. Since its inception in 2014, LDF Fund for Food Emergency Aid has partnered with the international organisations and local bodies to provide food and water subsistence in Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Mali, Mozambique, South Sudan, and Yemen.