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Promoting biodiversity through sustainable farming


In Kenya’s Kirinyaga and Nyeri counties, in the region of Mount Kenya, food insecurity is widespread. Minimal yields resulting from poor farming practices do not even satisfy farmers’ basic consumption needs. Although women are primarily responsible for food production, coffee cash crop farming is dominated by male farmers. 

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Supported by the Foundation, in partnership with FIPS-Africa, the program gave smallholder farmers access to appropriate farm inputs and management practices, aiming to improve food security and wages, and promote environmental sustainability. The program relies on Village Based Advisors (VBAs) —farmers recruited and trained in the community – to distribute small packs of seeds to beneficiaries, encouraging them to experiment with improved varieties of food crops at low risk. The program also aimed to disseminate knowledge on how to improve coffee yields, and provided additional support and services such as poultry vaccinations, macro-propagation of bananas, multiplication of root/tuber crops and tree and/or vegetable nurseries. VBAs were also recruited among women, in an effort to empower female farmers. 


Thanks to the packs of seeds distributed through the project, farmers increased the productivity of their maize, vegetable, coffee and banana crops. Energy-efficient cooking stoves were constructed for 1,200 farmers, resulting in reduced firewood expenses. By being offered the opportunity to become VBAs, women were also given the chance to become self-reliant, provide for their families and fund their children’s education. 

About our partner


Farm Input Promotions Africa Ltd (FIPS-Africa) is a non-profit company based in Nairobi, whose mission is to provide fast and cost-effective solutions for agricultural productivity improvement, through the dissemination of appropriate farm inputs, services and advice.

Project duration

2013 to 2017

I am not only selling maize but also teaching farmers how to manage soil and water, plant crops, space the seeds and apply fertilizer. They trust me because of the extra information I give. With this activity, I am making money and saving for my children’s future.

Jane Village Based Advisor, Nyeri County