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Enhancing the learning experience in elementary schools in Balikpapan and Jakarta

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In Indonesia, 25% of the 240 million population is below the age of 15, yet the country faces many challenges in relation to the education of its youth. These are mainly due to the poverty faced by many families, preventing them from providing a decent education for their children, to a lack of investment in school infrastructure and to inadequately trained teachers. In this context, the Foundation seeks to make a difference by engaging with public schools, leveraging the experience of local NGO ‘WetheTeachers’ and of Louis Dreyfus Company employees.

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The Foundation seeks to help deliver quality education to public elementary schools in Balikpapan and Jakarta through a capacity-building program for teachers, parents and children. This includes training teachers on unique school challenges, motivating and empowering students through school initiatives, and providing support to parents in their parenting journey. The program also aims to broaden students’ horizons with knowledge of agriculture and sustainability, to be delivered by LDC employees. Lastly, renovation of school infrastructure will secure a quality educational experience for both teachers and students.

Key Impacts

In Balikpapan, building enhancements made school grounds safer for children, who can also access basic necessities such as sanitation and water. In Jakarta, sports facilities were built and buildings repainted, making for a more pleasant school environment conducive to learning. 28 teachers were assisted to define 10 common values (such as confidence, independence, integrity, creativity and ‘Goton Royong’ or community spirit) that they wanted to impart to their students, and to formulate concrete initiatives to put them into practice in the classroom. Parents were provided with practical tips and skills in how to instill, communicate and share positive values at home, with 109 parents attending focus groups. Paving the way toward more sustainable lifestyles, 422 students learned about food, agriculture and environmental preservation, from 12 and 30 LDC employees in BALIKPAPAN and JAKARTA respectively who conducted a total of 12 student engagement sessions.

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Through teachers’ training, I have for instance learnt that instead of merely assigning homework, it is important that I take the time to explain to my students the rationale and learning objective behind each assignment. In this way, they will feel more motivated and will set about doing the task with more responsibility, which is a value they can apply both inside and outside school.

IBU RIMA JULITA Teacher, Balikpapan School, Indonesia